INTERNATIONAL BACCALAUREATE PROGRAM FEATURES The International Baccalaureate (IB) offers four programs of quality international education to more than one million students from 146 countries. The program offers the students the opportunity to customize their studies by presenting six academic areas within which they must choose six subjects to study over the last two years of high school, after which they are examined to get their diploma. The program is completed by addressing three key activities aimed at the personal development of the student.

These are:

• The Monograph

• Theory of Knowledge

• Creativity, Action and Service (CAS)

The IB program is a coherent program that, on the one hand, addresses the classical subjects of intellectual development and also promotes learning for life. It is also an international program which promotes the development of an international perspective and in that sense suggests the study of two languages, as it is not possible to conceive an international degree without the mastering of at least two languages which allow students not only to communicate with people from other regions of the world, but also to understand and interpret their customs and culture. The IB examines students in different ways to give them different opportunities to demonstrate their skills and knowledge. It is a system that operates with criterion, not rules. Our San Pedro School has a Coordination Department in charge of Professor Marina Pindar, an IB School graduate and she is also specialized in the program. UNIVERSITY RECOGNITION Students who graduate from the Specialization Cycle of San Pedro Apóstol School, will join an ongoing process of transformation due to changing university and labor market demands. IB graduates are admitted to selective universities throughout the entire world. Among these there are renowned institutions such as Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, Yale, La Sorbona, Favaloro University, Austral, Belgrano, San Andres, Salvador. We aspire graduates with abundant knowledge in Administration and Management of Organizations, with skills in the use of latest technology in computing and communications, and who have a fluent command of the English language that enables them to properly perform in different areas. Students who pass the examinations can obtain the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma, internationally recognized, and which facilitates admission to a large number of universities in different countries. The IB is an international program that is proposed as an option of intellectual openness, an active attitude of learning with critical thinking and analytical capacity and not as a replacement of the national education, because it ensures that the student does not lose its roots, but deepens and cultivates them. It is about finding a balance in studies that has to do with national, regional and global culture. We seek to make them belong to a community of former students prepared to succeed and being equipped with the necessary tools, so that, as future leaders in the world of business, they are able to act with knowledge and in defense of the ethical values and the environment. We aim at training young people capable of standing before themselves, before others and before the world, with a heritage of freely accepted values that allow them to grow as individuals.